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Liberty County
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Coalition Contact 


Liberty County Responds is uniting, empowering, and mobilizing churches to multiply collective impact on critical needs in their community.


Join the coalition to unite with other churches and organizations addressing critical needs in your community.



  • Bethel Church

  • Calvary Baptist Church

  • Central Baptist Church

  • Christway Baptist Church

  • Cornerstone Church

  • Dayton First Assembly of God Church

  • First United Methodist Church of Dayton

  • First United Methodist Church of Liberty

  • First Baptist Church of Liberty

  • Freedom Church

  • Galilee Baptist Church

  • Grace Church Liberty

  • Heights Baptist Church

  • Journey Fellowship Church

  • Kenefick Southern Baptist Church

  • Liberty Church of Christ

  • LifePoint 

  • Mt. Olive Baptist Church

  • North Main Baptist Church

  • Oilfield Lilly of the Valley Baptist Church

  • Shiloh Church

  • South Liberty United Methodist Church

  • St. John Missionary Baptist

  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

  • Turkey Creek Missionary Baptist Church


Contact us to connect with other churches working in your area.


Coalition Response Plan

This information guides congregations through the key steps to engage with the coalition in a collaborative response to crises and critical needs in the community.

Congregation Response Plan

Use this template to create a crisis response plan for your congregation or organization.

Note: The template will open as a "view-only" Google Doc. To edit, select "Make a Copy" under the "File" dropdown menu or select "Download" and save it as a Word Doc. 



Knowing and keeping track of the assets local congregations and organizations have available is key to the coalition's ability to effectively respond to a crisis.

Coalition Asset Survey

Complete this survey to let the coalition know ways your congregation or organization can contribute in a time of crisis.

Congregational Activity Reporting

Congregations should complete the Activity Reporting Form each month to provide information on projects, key metrics, and stories of impact in the community.

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