Churches Unite!

With hundreds of thousands of homes yet to be repaired and rebuilt, Houston will be scarred by Hurricane Harvey for years to come -- if the local church sits idly by. The established recovery groups have millions of dollars to help the under-insured and under-resourced, but they desperately need manpower to make it happen. Where is the greatest volunteer base in the city? Imagine the momentum if 4,500 local churches could mobilize to accelerate recovery from this ongoing disaster. That is the unique mission of HOUSTON RESPONDS and the unique opportunity for believers across all 11 counties. The church made a strong and powerful impression while the rain was falling and the crisis was at its crescendo, but needs to reengage to continue helping rebuild lives and rebuild homes

The church is compelled to respond to suffering. Long term recovery groups need our help. Join this unique movement by joining one of the HOUSTON RESPONDS regional networks and help heal Houston, one family at a time.