COVID-19: Church Has 13 Positive Cases, but Chooses to Focus On Prayer and God's Miracles

Johnny Brady, Senior Pastor of Fellowship of The Nations, has had 13 positive cases of COVID-19 within his church congregation. Through all of the hardship and emotion that comes with loved ones being ill, they choose to focus on the power of prayer and witness God's miracles.

"We had a lot of people who were concerned, a lot of people praying, but when they started seeing God move. . . A lot of these [people] are seeing God in a tangible way that when I pray and I talk to God, that God is listening and he's actually hearing me. I think that really is strengthening their faith in their ministry. They know God's powerful now."

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Tommy Rosson:

This is Tommy Rosson with Houston Responds. Thank you so much for joining us today. Today I'm just really blessed to be able to share the story of senior pastor Johnny Brady, who's the senior pastor of Fellowship of The Nations here in the North Channel area of Houston. Thank you for joining us today.

Johnny Brady:

You bet. My pleasure, Tommy.

Tommy Rosson:

So tell us just real quickly a little bit about your church.

Johnny Brady:

Well, we planted the church about 20 years ago and it's just a Jesus church. We're not affiliated with anybody but Jesus. And, we really focus on helping the believer become everything that God's created us to be. And so every member's a minister, every minister has a ministry. It really, my job is to help them be successful in what God called them to do. And so as a result, we've got different ministries. We're Fellowship of The Nation, so we've got a baby nation, kid nation, student nation, all that. But we also got, we have a fighter nation, so we've got a box in ministry. One of the top gyms in the country. Even Evander Holyfield son is, he's working out there, part of that ministry, he turned pro so we've got, he's already at four fights, four and 0 so he's rolling. And then we've got hope nation. We've got freedom nation, a prison ministry. We've got different types of nations that have the Spanish nation. We have our old Spanish service. So that's really what our ministry is about, is helping people to become all the God wants them to be,

Tommy Rosson:

well, you know, you've got a great church and it's exciting to hear that, but you had just a horrible experience over the last month, month and a half where you've had 13 people within your congregation be diagnosed and have to go through COVID-19. Tell us what it's like to be a pastor through that process and a little bit about these congregants who got this disease.

Johnny Brady:

Well, we got slammed. That's all we did. We got slammed. And this is not just people who are in the congregation. Everybody's important. But we're talking about people who are two of my board members and one of the guys who, he and I went to kindergarten together, he was in ICU, so we had three people. The other one was another board member, Tiller McGee and his wife and I, we graduated together. So these are dear friends. And so we just kind of focus mainly on prayer Tommy, that that's what we did. So right when all of them. They went in and it was like immediately they went on the ventilator and then we're like, okay, Jesus, come on. So we started, what the Lord led us to do. We pray every day at noon on my Facebook page and just have people, you know, joining in and you know, how if you've got any needs, whatever.

So that's what we started doing. Even our, I didn't tell you this, even our student pastor's husband got it. I mean, we're talking, it's hitting close to home. My, our financial secretary. I mean, it's just crazy. I was getting these phone calls and like you gotta be kidding me, how are you feeling? Are you going in? You know, so most of them got through it at home. Some of them had to go into the hospital for a little bit and then they left. But these three, two of them are still in the hospital. And so we've just kind of focused on prayer. We're believing God is healing. Here's another miracle. Gail Burhmaster the third one who went in literally took her off the ventilator. They pulled the plug on her, her daughter, you know, said she had power of attorney, you know, that's how they kind of worked out.

Anyway, she said my mom didn't want to be living on a respirator. Took her off and Fred, her husband, you know, he's up all night waiting for the phone call that you know, she's passed. I call the next day and said, how are you holding up man? I just got a phone call. She's breathing on her own. We're like, come on Jesus. I mean, this is amazing. Even after they took her off when they took her off the ventilator and they're also pulled out the feeding tube. And so he noticed she hadn't even been fed for three days. So he had to get that working. I mean, it's miracle. So now she's in a regular room, she's responding and God's powerful. I mean, he's the All-Mighty God. And he's shown us in his last days what he's all about. And so I don't think this global pandemic, I don't think it was an accident.

I think it's God's way of getting our attention and letting us know that I'm not gonna be pleased with all the idols you may be serving. You know, I'll shut down all the sports and all the concerts and everything else that goes along with it. I want to be first in your life, and that's what we've seen. So that's what we've kind of pastored. Yeah.

Tommy Rosson:

So some of these, you know that you talked about those three cases, all of them were in the ICU for a very long period of time. Is that correct?

Johnny Brady:

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. We're talking about, the two that are still in there have been in there over 42 days. So you know, just now the Tillary like two days ago, three days ago, get out of ICU. So, and same with Gail and I mean it's serious. And I want to tell you with Termite, I did a Bible study on, cause the Lord just gave me this word instantly.

It's not what through all the times that Jesus heals somebody, instantly they, they were healed. Right? Well, I mean we didn't know it's all God, right? Yeah. We were praying for Termite because his kidney levels were bad. His liver enzymes were bad. I mean everything was just kind of negative. And I'm telling you the next day as we were praying, she gets a phone call. Cindy, his wife, because she gets a phone call from a nurse and just saying, yeah, well you know, we were talking to him and she goes, what do you mean you're talking to him? She goes, yeah, well they took the ventilator out. I mean, he woke up and he's breathing on his own, took the ventilator out, the feet...we're like, she goes, what? I mean, that's how quick it happens. So when you have God moving like that, it just strengthens your faith. I mean, you're like, okay, this is a real deal, man. God is an awesome God.

Tommy Rosson:

Yeah, that's great. And I'll be honest with you, I'm glad we're talking now, probably been a few weeks ago cause you know, you're definitely seeing that coming through and seeing these, the backside of this is great. Tell us what it's like to go through this emotionally as a pastor to lead a congregation. I'm sure you've been doing a lot more than your noon prayer services.