Don't Waste Your Hurricane

When Harvey hit, we were sitting on the living room floor eating take-out on a table of boxes. Having moved to Houston only a week before, it was a whirlwind to a hurricane. My mother-in-law called to say her garage was flooding, so I took my shovel and worked in the rain through the night to stem the tide. Crisis averted until my wife frantically called to say water was coming through the ceiling, and I spent the rest of the night finding creative ways to use pots and pans. Crisis averted, until my son and I set out for the Austin airport. After several detours, we were driving through two feet of fast-flowing water on a dark deserted farm road wishing we could turn back and worrying about losing more than my 4-Runner.    Sitting at a four-way stop, nothing but water in every direction, as thousands of displaced crawdads floated by, it was a surreal moment of helplessness. Did you have one of those Harvey moments? The moment passed—or became more surreal when a giant army vehicle appeared out of the dark