Houston Responds Launches Awareness Campaign

Nearly a year and a half has passed since Hurricane Harvey. Many have repaired their homes and resumed some semblance of a new normal. Yet, tens of thousands of families are still displaced or living in unrepaired homes, lacking the resources to rebuild.

As media coverage of this disaster has dwindled, so has public awareness of the remaining crisis. In an effort to raise awareness and recruit volunteers within local churches, we have launched the FAR FROM FINISHED campaign. Throughout the campaign, we will be releasing video stories of families that have still not recovered from Harvey and the challenges they are facing.

These videos and other promotional resources are available at www.FarFromFinished.org for local churches to use in promoting the campaign and engaging their congregations in volunteering with their local Houston Responds coalition.

Join us in helping our communities recover - the work is FAR FROM FINISHED, but together we can make a difference!