How-To: Setting Up a Mask Kit Production Line

Charley Elgin, Construction Advisor for Houston Responds, shares best practices for setting up a mask kit production line.

Setting up a mask kit production line is an easy way for your congregation to participate in helping us ensure there are MASKS FOR ALL, especially in under-resourced communities.This can be done with a few volunteers or many. If you are interested in participating in MASKS FOR ALL, register here. If you have specific questions about setting up your own mask kit production line, email us at Please put "Mask Kit Production" in the subject.

What is a Mask Kit?

A mask kit is a zipper bag containing all the materials needed to make a mask. Sewing the material is the only step that remains after the kit is assembled. After assembly, the kits can be delivered to sewists to complete the final step.

Mask Kit Contents:

Qty. 1 - plastic one-quart zipper bag

Qty. 1 - 10" x 15" piece of fabric

Qty. 2 - Avery 5160 adhesive labels (2.75" x 1")

Qty. 2 - 8" elastic strips (1/8” or 1/4")

Mask Kit Production Process:

1. Fold the material in half in order to create two layers. By creating two layers, you are able to cut out more fabric pieces at once.

2. Lay folded material on a flat surface and trace 10” x 15” pieces along the fabric. The CDC asks for two 10” x 6” pieces, but by creating the 10” x 15” pieces, you are able to shorten cutting and sewing time by not requiring two pieces. You can fold the 10”x15” in half and create the same effect.

3. Cut out the material on the 10” x 15” line

4. Fold the cut out material to be placed in plastic zipper bags

5. Place these two labels on the plastic zipper bags. These labels will state care instructions and a CDC statement and can be printed on Avery 5160 adhesive labels.

6. Cut elastic into 8” strips

7. Place folded 10”x15” fabric and two 8” elastic strips into a plastic zipper bag

8. All completed kits will be placed in a box for delivery to the sewists to complete the mask production.

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