Looking Back at 2020: Rebuild

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Restoring Homes Damaged by Hurricane Harvey

The year 2020 was a year of challenge, growth, and transformation. Though COVID-19 may have hindered our ability to restore 50% of the homes we intended, it was still a remarkable year and together our community made incredible progress.

In 2020...

  • Over 200 homes damaged from Harvey have been restored.

  • Over $1.2M worth of volunteer labor was donated to restore these homes.

  • Over $2.5M in direct expenses (materials, contractors, etc.) was spent on restoration efforts.

We are so impressed by the disaster response coalitions that assisted with home restorations and what they accomplished after the trials that came with the year. After shutting down for three months, reducing volunteer capacity by as much as 75%, they still managed to repair over 200 homes. What is also incredible, is the hundreds of congregations that support these coalitions and how they continued to show up for their community. These congregations had to dramatically limit worship services, and see their giving greatly reduced. Even still, they continued to provide countless volunteers for our coalitions. These volunteers were sent to support food and mask distributions in our community, as well as provide relief supplies for those impacted by Hurricanes Laura and Delta in East Texas and Southwest Louisiana.

We are humbled by the generosity, sacrifice, and faithfulness of all the churches and coalition staff that made this such a great year. We look forward to 2021 and continuing to help the families still living in damaged homes years after Harvey.


Welcoming Over 200 Families Home in 2020!

4B Disaster Response completed their 416th home in May and welcomed 97-year-old World War II Veteran Lorenzo Jamerson home after his home was flooded in Hurricane Harvey in 2017. You can read the powerful story HERE.

HR: Crosby-Huffman had the honor of helping the Shotlow family and welcome them home last year. They were able to level the foundation, replace the roof, and add an ADA ramp to accommodate Mrs. Shotlow.

The Restoration Team welcomed Clarence back home in December after replacing his siding and roof, installing all new insulation, drywall, and floors, and putting in new cabinets and bathrooms!

Katy Responds welcomed the Iverson family home in October after the family home was flooded in Harvey. The entire home had to be redone in order to make it livable for this family of five. Hear their story HERE.

HR: East Harris and their rebuild partner Somebody