Meet Sophie: A Twelve-Year-Old That Has Made Over 1500 Masks for Greater Houston

Sophie walks through the process she and her mom go through each day when preparing the masks in their home. Once they have completed masks, they leave them outside their home to be picked up and distributed.

Have you wanted to help your community during the COVID-19 crisis but weren't sure you could make a big enough impact? This is no concern for twelve-year-old Sophie who has a heart for helping others. Throughout COVID-19, she has been spreading kindness by making over 1500 masks for her community and the Greater Houston area.

Sophie is a sixth-grader in the Pearland area who loves to create art and sew in her free time. Over the last two years, she has been sewing quilts and teddy bears for friends, and even clothes and bandanas for her dog Princess.

In March, her mother Melissa spoke to her husband about Facebook posts she saw requesting assistance in creating masks for the community. When their daughter Sophie overheard this conversation, she immediately asked, "Can we try that?" She has been making masks ever since. She started by making masks for her family and friends, then continued by donating to hospitals, nursing homes, and daycare centers.

Once she had created enough masks, Sophie wanted to reach out to her neighbors using NextDoor, a neighborhood networking app. Through NextDoor, she connected with Janet, a member of the Agape Sewing Group, with St. Andrews in Brazoria County. St. Andrews Episcopal Church is a founding member of Brazoria Responds that has been actively assisting in the aid of the Masks for All project since March.

Over the last three months, Sophie has been creating roughly 100 masks per week. She typically spends five days a week making masks that will later be donated to the Masks For All project to be distributed. It was important for Sophie to partner with an organization that gives masks free of charge. To her, masks should be accessible and available to anyone who is in need. It is important for us to love our neighbors by wearing a mask not just for ourselves, but for the safety of others.

"Sophie has a skill and saw a need, and went for it!  How beautiful is that for someone her age - for anyone of any age?!" — Janet, Agape Sewing Group

Like many of us, Janet from the sewing group has been thoroughly impressed by Sophie and her dedication to helping others. "Sophie has a skill and saw a need, and went for it!  How beautiful is that for someone her age - for anyone of any age?! I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with this family and we at St. Andrew’s are so proud of Sophie.  With her as the future, we are in good shape!".

When asked what she liked most about making masks, she said, "Really just helping people. At least trying to". It is clear that Sophie and her mother Melissa, are doing all they can to help those around them. Her mom says, "It's important for Sophie to make these masks because she wants to spread kindness and to help others in ways that she can. She knows that you don't need to be an adult to help and make a difference".

The need for volunteers and sewists is great! If you or your congregation wants to get involved in our Masks for All project, visit for more information.