October RebuildFest Coming

Thousands of families will spend the holiday season still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

It’s been over two years since Hurricane Harvey devastated our communities. Despite the hard work of countless volunteers, thousands of families are still displaced or living in unrepaired homes. Many will spend their third holiday season still trying to recover.

Houston Responds launched the Far From Finished campaign to help raise awareness of the ongoing crisis and recruit more volunteers through the local church. As part of the campaign, Houston Responds coalitions and their local congregations are coordinating the October RebuildFest event. October will be a month of heightened emphasis and effort to engage local church volunteers to assist as many families as possible in hopes of turning their damaged houses back into homes again just in time for the holidays.

Get your congregation involved to help make a difference.

Promotional resources are available online for churches to use to communicate with their congregations about October RebuildFest and how to sign up to volunteer with a local disaster response coalition.

Visit www.FarFromFinished.org Today!