Our Role and Commitment to Work Towards Racial Unity and Reconciliation

Houston has a long and increasingly effective history of congregations working together for the common good. Nearly three years ago, church leaders across our city formed Houston Responds in the devastating wake of Hurricane Harvey. At that time we felt ill-equipped as individual churches to respond to the vast need so we established this organization to convene, share resources, and mobilize churches in our city to respond in disasters. Since that time, we have had the privilege of helping bring hundreds of congregations together to serve the city in the aftermath of hurricanes, floods, fires, and in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Today we have a similar sense that we are individually ill-equipped to respond effectively to the present crisis. We are horrified by the senseless murder of George Floyd and grieved by the systemic racism that allowed it to occur. We are also aware that the church must play a leading role to ensure that bridges are built between believers of diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds to affirm that we are equal image-bearers. This is essential to our gospel witness in the city. The trusted relationships that have been built among churches in our city over the last three years through the regional disaster response coalitions give us hope that we can humbly cooperate to help end racism and bring gospel-centered reconciliation to our city. Words alone are not enough at a time like this. We are committed to being in action.

God is building a beautiful, multi-ethnic kingdom that is reflected in our Houston congregations and we desire racial diversity to be better reflected in the board, staff, and regional coalitions of Houston Responds. We are taking action today to ensure that this occurs. Also, we believe that Houston Responds has a unique role in Greater Houston to help convene church leaders from diverse backgrounds for conversations that lead to better understanding and genuine Christian unity. Many of our participating congregations are already on this journey. We will work with denominational and ministry partners to convene and facilitate these conversations that build greater understanding, trust, and unity in the coming days.

We appreciate your prayers and support for the unifying mission of Houston Responds.

Houston Responds Board of Directors | June 5, 2020

Brandon Lackey, Chairman

Tommy Rosson, Executive Director

Heather Humphrey, Secretary & Treasurer

Tom Comstock, Member

Jim Herrington, Member