Responding to Disaster Just Got Easier

Updated: Feb 7

Houston Responds Resources is a knowledge base website with disaster response resources for congregations and coalitions. Our goal is to provide practical resources through a user-friendly platform to help coalitions and their congregations prepare for disaster and respond during a disaster.

Browse Through our 5 Main Categories

  1. Search by Disaster - Search by a specific disaster to find resources. This could be flooding, hurricanes, tornados, and more.

  2. Disaster Response - Browse resources to equip you when a disaster strikes. Resources for construction, sheltering, supply logistics, and family support can be found.

  3. Training - Expand your knowledge and understanding of disaster response.

  4. Congregational Support - Tools to help you engage your congregation in disaster response. These resources include volunteer coordination, congregational operations, community outreach, and more.

  5. Coalition Support - Resources to aid disaster response coalitions in development and operations. See some of the most popular resources for coalitions below.