SWLA Needs You: The Frantz Family

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Five hurricanes. Rita, Ike, Gustav, Laura, and Delta. That’s what Jonathan Frantz and his family have lived through. Like many others in SWLA, Jonathan, Ashley, and Paisley had their home significantly damaged by Laura and Delta. With the exception of one room, Jonathan found himself gutting his house down to the studs. He started on the roof, with the help of a neighbor.

“My neighbor came over with me the day after the storm and we put a tarp on the roof. I had never done it before, and we had fun and joked that we are going to start a tarping company.”

Jonathan and his family are currently living in Lafayette, but hope to return to Lake Charles soon. They plan to live in a rental while their home gets repaired. Jonathan has been unable to find help and it will be some time before the family's home gets fixed. “Waiting on the contractor. It’s going to take 8-10 months,” Jonathan said, acknowledging that he isn’t sure whether that is the timeline for the work to begin or to be finished once it’s started.

Despite overwhelming circumstances, Jonathan and his family remain optimistic. “The hurricanes affirmed, yeah, it’s inconvenient to have to move, but really, we are still incredibly rich. At least half the world lives on $2 a day. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t drink dirty water, and there are millions of people who have to and die from that and hunger. It helped reaffirm that perspective that I am rich in many ways.”

Jonathan and his family continue to have hope, and thankfully, with the help of volunteers and SWLA Responds, that hope is not lost. Southwest Louisiana needs your help as it continues to navigate through the destruction and rebuild process. Join us and volunteer today to help families just like the Frantz'.

Visit www.houstonresponds.org/swlavolunteering for more information and get registered today!