SWLA Needs You: The Rodrigue Family

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The Rodrigue family, like thousands in Southwest Louisiana, are displaced from their home after Hurricanes Laura and Delta. Patrick, Dana, and their two children experienced devastating damage to their home, leaving it unlivable. Despite the hardships to come, Dana expressed how impactful the connections have been with individuals and churches like Church of the King Lake Charles and Our Savior's Church that have aided in beginning the demo process. Dana and Patrick hope to continue living out the gospel by helping their neighbors recover while they also recover themselves. They stated, "You don't just sit on this, you help yourself, but you also have to get out and help others."

Many families like the Rodrigue's are living in campers or trailers until their homes can be repaired, which can take months or even years. The work to rebuild Southwest Louisiana is far from finished. #SWLANeedsYou and needs your help!

Visit www.SWLAresponds.org to find ways you can help this community today.