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Please review the descriptions of the opportunities for involvement. Then, check the box next to each of the areas of interest or involvement for your congregation.

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Descriptions of Involvement Opportunities:

Drone Force / Damage Assessment - Trained drone operators will assist county officials with real-time situational awareness providing images from which damage assessments can be made.


Sheltering - Operating a Red Cross shelter. 


Compassionate Care / PreDCM - Trained caregivers to provide emotional and spiritual care to survivors, serving as a listening ear and being calming presence. Lay the groundwork for eventual Disaster Case Management..


Laundry - Supporting shelters by helping survivors wash their clothes.


Muck & Gut - Removing damaged contents and sanitizing the home, according to prescribed standards.


Volunteer Coordination - Connecting volunteers with opportunities for service.


Pets - Help families in a shelter to care for their pets (dogs and cats). Providing kennels and food. 


Communication Taskforce - Creating a multi-level, two-way communication platform to address a diversity of communication needs for alerting, recruiting, deploying, and demobilizing response.


Supplies Distribution Center - Regional warehouse to supply congregations and serving as a donation distribution center.


Donations Distribution Center - Distribute essential supplies to survivors and maintaining a database of all survivors for follow-up.


Chainsaw / Clean Up - Trained volunteers who can cut up fallen trees and dispose of debris. 


Medical Support - Assist with non-emergency assistance, picking up prescriptions, or driving to doctors’ office. 


Transportation - Transporting rescued survivors from staging area to shelters via people movers.

For questions or further information contact Godfrey Hubert.  |  281-433-1412