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While Harvey is out of the headlines, a hidden crisis remains:  Over 100,000 families displaced or living in damaged homes. While millions of dollars have been donated for recovery, another crisis remains. There is a lack of a city-wide delivery system for efficiently investing these resources into rebuilding homes and helping families recover. What is the missing link?  The very thing the church can provide - a massive servant labor workforce. Houston Responds seeks to fill that need by uniting, empowering and mobilizing churches across the city to expedite recovery and prepare for future disasters. 


Mobilizing the church for recovery work is not just our solution, it is our mission. God promises to be our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble (Ps 46:1). Amazingly enough, God, in Christ, calls us, the body of Christ, to be the ones who make that ever-present help known to those in need. What an amazing privilege. What a sacred responsibility. Houston Responds aims to help the church fulfill it. 


How can your visiting group be part of the recovery solution? Since Harvey struck, churches and other groups from all over the country have come to help with the work. Houston Responds welcomes your visiting group and will be glad to connect you with a Houston Responds coalition with which you can help rebuild homes and assist recovering families. If you know the area in which you would like to work, simply contact that leader of that area coalition directly. If you are not sure, just contact Houston Responds and we will connect you with a coalition that will fit for your group. 

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