The warehouse and its resources are available to us through a partnering congregation for the purpose of empowering you to better serve the community. These donated items are intended to serve families in the community that are in need, recovering from a disaster, and/or recovering from personal or community crisis. 


Please complete the Resource Request Form below to request needed items. Please note, upon submission you will be sent a "Product Resources Cooperative Agreement" required by the partner if this is your first request.


This form is intended for representatives of churches and organizations. Resource requests are not accepted by individuals.

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Do you have the capability of picking up the items being requested?

Terms: All items are accepted in an "as is" condition. As a recipient of these items, we will neither offer for sale, sell, transfer, nor barter the products supplied in exchange for money, other properties, or service unless written consent is received from World Vision's GIK department and the original donor. 

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